Sunday, March 13, 2011

How To Lower High Hematocrit Levels

0 0 Villanova 2 - PROMOTION

Tor Di Quinto 0
Villanova 2

Tor di Quinto: 5 De Simone, Ulysses 5.5, Mazio 5, Evans 5, Yellow 6, Cruz 5.5, 5.5 Almanza, Poggi 5, White 6, Dei Rossi 5.5 (40 Farnsworth St. 5) Piscitelli 5.5 (17 st Marioni 5.5) A disp: Mascioli, Poplars, Parron, Palummo Herds Tirillo
Villanova: Russian 6 (13 st Venditti 6.5), Dionisi 6.5, 6.5 Bazzanti, Pellegrino 6 (34 st Prezza 6), 6 Moauro , 5, Bat 6.5, 6.5 of Josiah, Brancati 7, Nero 7, Laurentini 6.5, Di Donato 6 (13 st Shipple 6.5) A disp: De Propris, German, Porcu, Herds of Josiah Di Loreto
Scorers: Brancati (25 st), Nero (28 st) (V)
Referee: Gianchegonio Latina, 6.5, Assistants: Licata and Zani Latina
Notes: Ammonites: Pellegrino, Moauro, Josiah (V) Corners: 2-6 Recovery: pt 4 - 5 st

nothing to do for the Tor di Quinto, which falls under the blows of Brancati and Neroni

Tirillo The team just returned from a momentous victory in key save against the Palombara and looking for valuable points, is home to the house in Villanova, more eager than ever after the stinging defeat last Sunday to redeem himself and continue his pursuit to grab the top of the list.

The first half saw both teams of research studies avoid discovering too, since it is still better than the home team with Almanza, which alone represent wasted opportunities to score sending the ball above the crossbar, and then with White, author of a network of distance but canceled at the question of offside and a header from an assist by Pischedda finished off, while guests and Nero to commit the opponent's defense, missing with a shot very dangerous from the edge of the door and then seeing rejected by the feet of De Simone, splurge on the opposite side, a woman scoring.

the recovery, after a first fraction very fair, the Tor di Quinto, however, started to suffer from the pressing of Villanova, which raises a lot of the pace of play, and consolidating the advantage in reaching less than 5 minutes, first with Brancati that only in front of the goalkeeper becomes the first of an assist from Josiah, and then with Nero, he guiltily left alone, that just about cross
Brancati has no difficulty in overcoming De Simone with a central interior. Will be useless attempts to rescue the final cut off from the whistle of the referee.


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